When we first came to see the school, after checking out several other play schools for our daughter, we were very impressed with and loved Da Vinci’s environment. And it was very easy to decide to enrol our daughter Samika here. She has been with Da Vinci for about 10 months now. Right from the start, she took to the school easily and has enjoyed her time spent there.

The team — staff and teachers — of Da Vinci are commendable in their attention to the kids and the effort they take to make them comfortable and learn new things easily. The Montessori method of learning is very child friendly and we have seen how our daughter has blossomed at the school.

As parents we were very happy to the attention paid to each child. This is facilitated because there are only a few kids per session so the teacher child ratio is excellent. Each child gets sufficient individual attention and loves coming to class. And, as Samika grew in the months that she has spent here, we have been happy to note several positive signs of growth and learning in her. Any mention of Samika’s growth in the school would be incomplete without a special thanks to her teachers, Ritu and Ankita and didi’s, Daya and Naina who showered her with lots of attention and love that not a day passes at home without mentioning them in one context or other.

We would like to congratulate the school and its team for the wonderful way in which they are shaping their children. And we would definitely recommend the school to our friends who have children who are about to set foot into their first institution.

Congratulations on soon starting a second branch of Da Vinci at Marine Drive. Many more children will get the benefit of this fantastic Montessori way of learning.

We fell in love with Da Vinci’s infrastructure – spacious teaching room and an attached terrace. We then discovered the Montessori system of ‘creating an ideal environment to learn’. The caring teachers and support staff ensure the ideal environment stays ideal and fun! Shaurya looks forward to school every week! Education as education should be!

We are very thrilled with Da Vinci and would strongly recommend it to all parents. Thank you Ashani, finally there’s something right with pre-school education in the city.

– Raj and Shradha Shah

Our son Hridhaan has been with Da Vinci for almost 1.5 years now and its been a great experience. We narrowed down on Da Vinci after lot of thought and comparisions with other play schools and montessories. The school rates much higher in terms of infrastructure and teaching personnel. It maintains high levels of hygiene and cleanliness and has amazing space and natural light for kids & above all an amazing faculty. The school provides an amazing environment for learning also.

Before Da Vinci Hridhaan was with a playschool for 6 months. As compared to earlier, we find lot of positive changes in his mannerism & behaviour. Hridhaan really looks forward to school every morning. The teachers make sure the kids develop interest in various activities and encourage them to explore all possible aspects on their own. We are very happy with his progress and development.

We would strongly recommend Da Vinci to all parents. Ashani and her team are doing a great job.

– Hetal Shah

From the moment my husband and I took the decision to move back to Mumbai, India after being in the US for almost 10 years, my biggest concern was finding the right school for my children. After exploring many schools and visiting their premises, we were instantly taken to the wonderful well lit classroom of the Da Vinci montessori. The hygiene and cleanliness of a space, especially of a school for children , is very important and the Da Vinci montessori maintains those very high standards that one would experience in an international school.The schools attracts children of various nationalities and cultures, thereby truly making it a great platform for global education. Ashani and her team of teachers are doing a wonderful job of imparting education in the montessori method as well as helping children develop and grow in a gentle and loving manner.

Da Vinci Montessori has come as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise high pressured pre-school environment prevailing in Mumbai. The Da Vinci approach of treating each child according to his or her ability and learning capability, and handling them with affection is what stands out.

– Akil Hirani

What I appreciate the most about Da Vinci Montessori is that it has been started by a parent who wanted the right things for her kids. The only way to circumvent what’s wrong with the system is to stand up and be the change you want to see. In every way, Da Vinci Montessori is the right school because it stands for all the right things. Besides being a true Montessori school, allowing the child to grow and learn rather than be taught, think rather than be indoctrinated and skills rather than rote; it has a lovely set-up and faculty members!

It’s like Eiffel Tower,” said my niece Aisha to me, pointing at the cushions I had piled up on top of each other.
“Who told you about the Eiffel Tower?” I asked her.
I knew the school was teaching about all things French that month but I was surprised that the learning to be that well embedded. Though, I shouldn’t have been. In the less than 2 years that Aisha has been at Da Vinci Montessori, we have had many such pleasant surprises at home. From basic skills like pouring to singing about the different oceans of the world, there has been enough validation that Da Vinci has been the perfect match for her. As an aunt my interactions with the school have been occasional but the gradual transformation in Aisha has been a reflection of the time spent at school. What is most assuring is that the learning has not come at the cost of the dilution of her personality. What makes her, her is all there…just the edges are getting smoother.

Da Vinci for us is like an extension of home to our daughter Aisha Bhansali. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way for her to begin her learning experience, her first step into the world. The Montessori method has helped her to be a confident child wanting to explore and experience all what is around her.The premises are clean, open and bright. The curriculum incorporates all aspects such as music,singing, art, gym, gardening, languages, and much more. Ashani and the team of teachers give special attention to each and every child letting them learn at their own pace and providing an environment that is conducive to learning.

P.S- Best Preschool in town!

– Shruti and Shashank Bhansali

We have been very impressed with the team at Da Vinci. They have worked tirelessly to ensure a top class learning environment for the kids. Da Vinci does a good job of imparting the varied curriculum emphasized by the Montessori method and their facilities are spacious and clean.

One of the most attractive things about the school for us is that there are only a handful of kids per session due to which the teacher-student ratio is better than any school we saw in South Mumbai. As a result of which, each child gets adequate individual attention. Our son has been going here since he was 15 months old and he loves going to school every morning. We believe that Da Vinci has had a large role to play in his overall development till date.

Thank you Da Vinci team and keep up the good work.

– Sheila and Luv Parikh

Da Vinci Montessori School provides a fantastic learning environment for children of all cultures, languages, and ways of thinking, learning, and being.

When we started looking for a preschool for my daughter, Meera, our criteria included an aesthetically pleasing physical environment; clean, well-equipped, and orderly classrooms; and good staff. It was important for Meera to have concrete experiences of the real world of diversity.

Da Vinci Montessori school meets these high standards. My three-year-old daughter is excited to attend school, learn critical skills, play with her friends, and participate in multiple hands-on experiences.
We wish that Da Vinci offered more grade levels beyond kindergarten, and if it ever does, we will be among the first ones in line to sign up. It is a school that really helps children prosper for a lifetime. All the teachers and staff we’ve met are passionate about child education and have shown the highest professionalism and quality we’ve ever experienced.

We look forward to each day of smiles and warm greetings from teachers; seeing loving and caring teachers, parents, and students; and having my daughter come home and present her precious day’s work . . may it be small piece of art or craft or some new song ….

Each day that Meera attends school, we know that she is in a safe, quality place of love and learning. We feel blessed to have found such an awesome educational place and space for Meera.

Thank you, Ashani, Nisha Aunty, Urvashi Aunty, Tina Aunty, Ritu Aunty & Heena Aunty … for giving unconditional love to Meera…….