After School Programs

Ages: 2.5-7 Years.

Days: Monday through Friday.

Timing: Choose your own time and days.

Is your child spending his most precious years without a good care-giver? Is your child running from class to class to stay busy? Come to Da Vinci Montessori Afternoons and find all your child’s needs under on roof!

Your child can unwind and

  • Learn through monthly themes
  • Explore through art
  • Create with lego, clay and blocks
  • Read books and listen to stories
  • Try her hand at some cooking
  • Solve puzzles and play board games

Ages: 3-6 Years.

Days: Monday, Wednesday

Timing: More than a 100 year old, the Montessori method is a scientific and a superior method of learning.

Our program offers a systematic and fun way of learning:

  • Phonetic reading
  • Sight word reading
  • Writing
  • Fun with mathematics
  • General Knowledge

Tuesdays & Thurdays 5-6PM